A view towards more sustainable hairdressing

Rodolphe & Co offers mineral and plant based colouring systems, two product lines which:

  • are respectful of human health and the environment,
  • protect the fauna and flora to preserve our ecosystem,
  • assure high transparency for its users.

Become a certified hairdresser

If you have developed skin or respiratory allergies or wish to be at the leading edge of your profession, by providing an additional and more natural service in your beauty salon, join our community.

Following training on our natural and organic products, conceived and made in France by Rodolphe Diotel, and experience with their use, you will become a certified hairdresser. You will benefit from a network of more than 1000 partnering salons, located in 11 countries throughout the world, and have access to a community where you can share your best creations and seek advice.

“If you think that beauty should neither be harmful to the health of your clients, your health nor that of the planet, you are like-minded and our colouring systems are for you! states Rodolphe Diotel, colourist, co-developer and founder of the House of Rodolphe & Co.

If you have developed skin and respiratory allergies.

If you want to be at the forefront of your profession and offer a natural complement to your beauty area, our colorations are for you!

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