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Natural hair colors

Plant based colouring by Rodolphe & Co 100% organic and natural de Rodolphe & Co

Tired of suffering from allergies, intolerances or an itchy scalp after using classical chemical hair dyes?

Are you pregnant or nursing?

Finding it hard to accept your grey/white hair following chemotherapy treatments and would like to colour your hair?

The know-how and professional expertise of Rodolphe & Co. have resulted in a 100% organic and natural plant based colouring system: the professional line Organic Infused Colors and its home counterpartGreenleaf Botanique, both certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic.

The following are the many beneficial propertiesof the tinctorial and ayurvedic plants of the Rodolphe & Co exclusive colouring system.

CASSIA AURICULATA (NEUTRAL HENNA/HENNÉ NEUTRE) • Conditions the hair • Strengthens the hair shaft • Controls the secretion of sebum • Calms and purifies the scalp EMBLICA OFFICINALIS (ALMA) • Promotes hair growth • Decreases hair loss • Prevents premature greying from an abundance of antioxidants • Enables the colouring of darker shades LAWSONIA INERMIS (NATURAL HENNA/HENNÉ NATUREL) • Adds radiant red highlights • Boosts lustre • Coats hair fibres and purifies the scalp ZIZIPHUS SPINA-CHRISTI (CHRIST’S THORN JUJUBE/JUJUBIER DE PALESTINE) • Is a colour fixative EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS (EUCALYPTUS) • Relieves itchy scalp and acts against dandruff • Adds shine • Stimulates blood circulation • Treats head lice naturally ALOE BARBADENSIS (ALOE/ALOÈS) • Provides vitamins and essential trace elements • Calms the scalp • Protects the hair against the elements and impurities CURCUMA LONGA (TURMERIC/CUCURMA) • Adds luminous golden highlights to light coloured hair • Sooths a sensitive scalp • Conditions hair for a smoother and shinier look MATRICARIA RECUTITA (CHAMOMILE/CAMOMILLE) • Softens • Accentuate blondness • Provides anti UV • Protects the hair INDIGOFERA TINCTORIA (INDIGO) • Adds indigo highlights to dark hair • Combines with other shades to cover grey/white hair • Leaves hair soft, silky and shiny BETA VULGARIS (BEET/BETTERAVE) • Contains antioxidant properties • Softens • Refreshes • Elicits red and Bordeaux highlights HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA (ROSELLE) • Strengthens hair and adds shininess • Accentuates mahogany highlights from the vibrant purple colour • Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss RUBIA CORDIFOLIA (MANJISTHA) • Brings out reddish highlights • Soothes • Purifies and eliminates impurities

The combination of colouring and care brings together balance, vibrant colour, coverage of grey/white hair and deep hair conditioning while soothing the scalp. It will also embellish the hair in a natural way while rendering it thicker, softer and shinier. The more you use this plant based colouring system, the more your hair will increase in strength and volume. The unique and very fine plant powder granulometry (150 microns) makes it easy to mix, pleasant to apply and quick to rinse off. Furthermore, the use of our marine HydroGel will make this plant based colouring even more effective and provide truly optimal coverage of grey/white hair.

Explore the world of unique rare plants and marine active ingredients with Organic Infused Colors and Greenleaf Botanique. An expert in natural colouring, Rodolphe & Co., located in Brittany, proposes a different approach to hair colouring, which is beneficial to the health of the hair, the overall health and the good of our beautiful planet. In addition, only an organic certification can guarantee you plant pigments free of pesticides.

To find out which hair salons offer the Organic Infused Colors or where to buy the home hair colouring 100% organic Greenleaf Botanique, visit our website:

Rodolphe & Co. Mineral Hair Color Passionately Developed
by and for Hairstylists

Many of you are wondering about the benefits of Rodolphe & Co.’s all-natural mineral hair color, and the reasons why you should offer this option at your hair salon.

Rodolphe & Co.’s mineral hair color uses innovative technology that is especially recommended for fragile, sensitive or chemically treated hair, as well as sensitive scalps. It also provides optimal coverage for white hair.

This line of products is available exclusively from certified colorists who want to offer women a personalized coloring service, while ensuring optimal protection for their hair and scalp. Concerns about health and environmental impacts are another reason for deciding to use these products.

With its unique and technologically advanced formulation, Rodolphe & Co.’s mineral hair color is guaranteed to be free of ammonia, ethanolamine, resorcin, PPD, PTD, EDTA, silicon and phenoxyethanol.Its creamy texture is inspired by the softness of the Hydrating Hair Mask included in the organic hair care line.

Its soft and mineral-rich formula includes pure natural extracts of Brittany mother-of-pearl, organic botanical oils and extracts, clay and arginine.

At Rodolphe & Co., we work with the most natural alternative formulas to limit our chemical impact on our wonderful planet!

Does this hair color inspire you?

Mineral Whitener

Looking for a gentle lightening powder to create highlights or a balayage?
A lightening powder that will not damage your hair? A product, made of safe ingredients, that will create a perfect blond with excellent professional results?

Rodolphe & Co. Mineral Whitener is without ammonia, ammonia derivatives or sodium persulfate and is very gentle with a delicate natural rose fragrance. The ingredients include mineral silica, diamond powder and white clay. These natural mineral compounds have been developed especially to protect the hair and skin without compromising the results.

Rodolphe & Co. Mineral Whitener, for professional use only, is a special formula allowing for up to 6 tone levels, depending on the original hair colour, and does not damage the hair strands. The Whitener is combined with our hybrid eco-activators of the same professional line [the 15 vol (4,5%), 25 vol (7,5%) and 35 vol (10,5%)], according to the needs and hair type of the client. Furthermore, by adding Rodolphe & Co. toners it will allow you to customize the desired shade of blond.

Many professionals, who care about overall health, comment on the high quality results obtained and recommend this product.

This product is the perfect solution to the use of toxic and aggressive chemical lighteners.

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